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Adam de Jong

Auctioneer / Property Agent

It was many moons ago, rather than a gavel in his hand knocking down properties under the hammer, Adam was a guru marketer and dominated the local tourism industry throughout Central Queensland.

It was easy to see that having years of marketing experience and really understanding the lay of the land, laid down the perfect platform for him to take the big step into real estate, a dream that he had wanted to follow since school…..which for Adam was a very, very long time ago.

A stellar career in his own right as an owner and operator of his own real estate business, Adam couldn’t focus on his one true passion which was to personally guide his clients through the rigors of buying and selling property, so he threw it all in so he could completely concentrate on his clients.

Now while Adam may be one of the nicest blokes in town, don’t think that he will just tell you what you want to hear, that’s the easy option that so many agents take. Adam has a no BS rule…. he’s a straight shooter and that’s the one thing you really need from your agent.


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