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Lori Thwaite

Property Manager

Lori has forgotten more than most people will ever learn when it comes to property management. That’s just a really nice way of saying that Lori has been around for a while, but in all honesty it’s her longevity and experience that make her stand out as one of the Capricorn Coasts most sought-after staff members.

An innate ability to forge great relationships with her tenants is a testament to her and the lifelong friendships she has with her landlords shows that this just “isn’t a job” for Lori. Her clients literally wont deal with anyone else, showing enormous loyalty to a lady that will do whatever she needs to look after her clients.

They say if you love what you do then you never work a day in your life and in Lori’s case she’d work for free…but she doesn’t and we do pay her, she just loves her job!


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