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Peter Steele

Projects & Property Specialist

Peter has joined the team at RMW Property Agents to provide alternative approach to all aspects of the modern real estate agency. He brings a wealth of expertise across a broad spectrum of the industry and offers opportunities and viewpoints that are unique within the Central Queensland Agencies.

The industry is wider than just the sale of houses and land.

Peter Steele is a Project and Property specialist. Apart from the acquisition and sales of residences and future project sites, he has developed residential land subdivisions; built numerous residences; child care; commercial buildings and neighbourhood shopping centres. He has developed strata title and duplex residential projects and established community title schemes and functioning body corporate management. He has negotiated the sale and lease of Commercial and Industrial complexes.

Peter Steele can help you build. He loves it! He understands the requirements of town planning; council requirements and the structure and methodology required to get a project started and completed. The challenging world that is development and construction can just as easily apply to a single dwelling as a multi-level strata complex.
Peter Steele expands the capacity of RMW Property Agents to service your expectations and requirements of what an agency in real property can offer.


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