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Teagan Wex

General Manager

The saying goes ‘Jack of all trades – master of none’….well in Teagan’s case, it’s master of all!

Having filled every possible position in a real estate business, this dynamic woman has taken the biggest step of all and is the glue that holds RMW Property Agents together.

Behind every successful man there is an even more successful woman and that stands true when it comes to this beautiful mother of Cooper. Taking motherhood in her stride – She hasn’t missed a beat with, juggling being a mum, running the ins and outs of RMW, along with her burgeoning real estate career.

Never one to take a back seat and let the team down, her empathy is beyond reproach and she can’t help but want the best for all her family, friends and clients. It’s more important to Teagan that others realise their dreams because for her that means her dreams are coming true as well.

Teagan is the Yin to Rory’s Yang, this friendship, grew into a marriage, then into to a family and is now a real estate powerhouse that must be admired.


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